Danielle DeRose La Bella Delle Rose Salon Lyndhurst Ohio

Danielle DeRose
La Bella Delle Rose Salon

At 28, La Bella Delle Rose salon founder Danielle Mauceri embodies the American dream. As owner of a nationally-recognized, Lyndhurst, Ohio salon with a roster of more than 2,000 clients, Danielle paid her dues along the road to salon and style stardom.

With the opening of La Bella Delle Rose’s new location at 5225 Mayfield Road, Danielle achieved a goal she set for herself at age nine when she came up with the salon name. “I loved my family and the name means beautiful family to me,” she says.

Like most children with a clear vision of their future, Danielle experimented with her craft; she cut her hair often and experimented with colors throughout middle school. After she graduated from cosmetology school at Brush High School in 2002 Danielle went to work for a local salon for five years before striking out on her own in 2007.

Following her departure from the salon, Danielle’s clients were in a desperate search to find her. One woman even left a note for Danielle at Outback Steakhouse in hopes she could reconnect with her favorite stylist there. As luck would have it, the universe reconnected Danielle with her clients in surprising ways.

But with a non-compete agreement firmly in place for one year, Danielle needed to find a place to ply her trade that wasn’t within a 10-mile radius of her former employer. Enter loving parents Cindy and Bill. “They bought me a chair and shampoo bowl and installed it in my bedroom closet,” Danielle recalls.

Using her bedroom as a waiting room, Danielle’s clients often lounged on the bed or woke her when arriving for appointments. After six months of bedroom styling she had saved enough money to begin searching for a location to open her own salon.

Fate intervened again when Danielle met a woman selling a home in Lyndhurst with a built-in salon in the basement.  Upon inspection Danielle she knew was meant to own the house when she found a dime in an empty upstairs closet. “It was a sign from my grandmother who always gave me dimes for special occasions,” she says.

In no time, with no job and no credit cards, Danielle was the new owner of a home-based business. One year to the day – on May 5, 2008 — from her departure from her former job she opened La Bella Delle Rose for business.

Success, friendships and great style once again filled Danielle’s life. But something was missing.

She started on a weight loss journey in November 2010. One year later and over 100 pounds lighter, Danielle’s outlook on life became even clearer. Her experience as an overweight woman struggling in a world often hostile to obesity instilled in her a sense of compassion for people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Today,  Danielle is primed for more success with the Summer 2012 grand opening of La Bella Delle Rose’s new and expanded location at 5225 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst.


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